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Ultra-Comfortable Barefoot Shoes (Unisex)

Ultra-Comfortable Barefoot Shoes (Unisex)

Shoe Size

Developed by our orthopedic experts, these shoes are the solution for heel, foot, and knee pain!

Looking for the best support for long travels? Specially designed for people who want to live pain-free and walk again. No one wants plantar fasciitis, foot, or knee pain to ruin their life.

Ordinary shoes like sneakers or running shoes are usually so rigidly constructed that only a few muscles in the foot are stressed during walking or running.

The consequences are flat feet, bent or splayed feet, and even heel spur and Achilles tendon problems.

Throw your uncomfortable shoes in the trash and find your way to natural, healthy, and pain-free movement!


These shoes are very comfortable thanks to the sturdy sole structure that ensures the feet remain comfortable. You avoid knee, hip, and back pain associated with the natural feeling of walking barefoot. Feel nature and the healthy influence on your physical well-being.


Our rubber sole with EVA coating ensures exceptional comfort.

The sole also provides excellent grip on slippery surfaces and withstands extreme weather conditions.

Discover the benefits of our barefoot shoes

  • Anatomical footbed that supports the natural shape of your feet and distributes pressure evenly.
  • High-quality leather upper that adapts to your foot for ultimate comfort.
  • Non-slip and flexible sole that allows you to feel the terrain under your feet and ensures improved stability with every step.
  • Available in various colors and models to perfectly complement your personal style.

Comfortable shoes for everyone!

Our feet carry us through life and the rigours of everyday activities, which is why everyone deserves to have good shoes. That's why we offer high-quality and super comfortable shoes for every budget, stylish and trendy too.

Size Chart

Important: Please choose your shoe size carefully since this is a unisex product. When in doubt, it is recommended to opt for one size larger.

 Size Foot Length (cm)
35 24
36 24.5
37 25
38 25.5
39 26
40 26.5
41 27
42 27.5
43 28
44 28.5
45 29
46 29.5
47 30
48 30.5
49 31
50 31.5
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